80% of people are wrong in the DIRECTION Of introduction of the suppository

What is the good way?
The introduction of a suppository is made by the flat side and not by its sharp side. From there, it allows the sharp part to push the suppository through the anal canal and places it in the rectum.

80 % of constipated are women and the elderly

You should know that women are 2 to 3 times more constipated than men.

The lifestyle and especially the female hormones play a role…particularly during pregnancy period:

  • > the hormonal impregnation (Progesterone) slows the movement of the intestine
  • > the womb becomes more and more imposing embarrassment the transit
  • > and of course the decline of physical activity.

The elderly are also frequently subject to constipation, physical inactivity and the taking of certain drugs constitute the risk factors often inherent in this period of life.


The rabbits, the horses, mice, guinea pigs and rats are animals that do not have the capacity to induce vomiting.

Prior to vomiting, we produce automatically an influx of saliva to protect our teeth.


  • > To obtain 1 kg of essential oil of these plants, it is necessary to have:
    • – 7 kg of floral buds of clove
    • – 50 kg of lavandin
    • – 150 kg of true lavender
    • – 1 ton of everlasting flower
    • – 4 tons of petals of Damascus rose
    • – 5 to 10 tons of lemon balm

Inhalation is done exclusively by the nose and not by the mouth

Practiced for thousands of years, the inhalation is to breathe vapor by the nose. It is necessary to close the mouth, and to not inhale vapor by the latter in order not to irritate throat.