Monaco: a precious asset

There are numerous advantages to our being established in Monaco. Indeed, the support we receive from the Government together with the vitality of Fontvieille industrial area and the strong brand image Monaco has, all contribute in some measure to the welfare of our Company.

The economic policy of the Monegasque government aims to attract and retain innovative and non-polluting companies, not only in the field of services (finance, tourism, etc.), but also industrial companies.

Taking into consideration the lack of square meters in this small territory, the industry is vertically integrated, with production sites spread over several floors in the buildings of Fontvieille business area.

Techni-Pharma occupies the 7th and 8th floors of the Mercator tower, rue de l'Industrie, and alongside other pharmaceutical and cosmetic laboratories.

Our location is a major asset: in Monaco, we benefit from the proximity with the health authorities and the administrative bodies. We have always had the support of the Monegasque government, especially when we invested in the renovation of our premises in 2014.