A family history

Techni-Pharma celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2016.
In six decades, three generations of the family have succeeded each other as head of our Laboratories.

A Doctor of Pharmacy, Désiré Note created in 1956 a first laboratory in Algeria, then a French Department.
As Algeria was given its independence and, as many French citizens repatriated to France did, he settled on the French Riviera and set up his laboratory in the Principality of Monaco.
In the 1960’s, he worked in close partnership with Professor Jean Bernard, a leading French medical pioneer in the treatment of cancer. Chloraminophene® was the result of this collaboration and explains the major orientation of Techni-Pharma in the field of oncology.

Axelle Note, his daughter, took over the Company and made the Laboratory flourish. Faithful to her father’s ethical legacy, the quality and safety of the medicinal products she placed on the market was always her first concern.

Upon her untimely demise in 2012, her daughter Alexia Simonnard-Note took control of the Techni-Pharma Laboratories.

Désiré NOTE, founder

Axelle NOTE