A high-technology industrial tool

Our location in an industrial building requires a
successful particular organization of our manufacturing shops.

If the location of the laboratory in Principality of Monaco is an advantage for the company, its presence on two floors of an industrial building (the Mercator tower, rue de l’Industrie to Fontvieille) also presents constraints in terms of transport and logistics. It requires a rigorous management of supply chain.

We made in 2014 the renovation of our premises: from offices to workshops.
We now have a high-technology industrial tool to make at the same time suppositories, solutions for inhalation and products with essential oils.

Thanks to a team of eight operators, it is each year 45 million of suppositories and bulbs which go out of our Monaco’s workshops.

We also lean on a logistic platform of distribution based in Paris region.

The challenges of the future

We get ready to answer new regulatory requirements which imply to modify the industrial plant by an investment mattering in new machines of packaging.

Two major changes announce:

- The serialization: compulsory from January, 2019, it requires that each box shall bear a serial number. The objective is to improve the traceability of the medicine and to fight counterfeiting.

- The Evident Tamper: it is a device allowing a simply (or visually) guarantee to the patient that no deliberated modification on the product or on the packaging arose after its production, during the hases of storage, distribution, logistics and sale.

200 tons of manipulated materials

Storage: 250 pallets

Team: 8 people

Annual capacity of Production:

- 26 tons of emulsion

- 5 million of ampoules

Annual capacity of production:

- 160 tons of bulk

- 40 million suppositories